Friday, March 2, 2012

New friends!

Oh god, so many headless animals, so many options, so little time...

Pauline, the Panda-Pig-Bear ^^........... Peggy the Split-Faced Sow ^^

Preacher ^^ the Owl-Parrot-Penguin........ Bob "Big Chops" the Rhino ^^

Gus the Goose-Necked-Tiger ^^ ............Carlos the Whale-faced-cow ^^

Ah, the sweet little buggers who have occupied my time so effectively lately, I really do need to post them!

Biscuit the bubble-gum Dino ^^............... Apple the Long-necked-Pony^^

I'm calling this my "Genetic failure Friends'' Series.

"Art dolls" for all those out there who love a messed up little fellow. Ok, they're not that messed up, they're actually really frigg'n adorable, but they are not quite... regular, either. Which is the point, I suppose!

Boris the needle-nosed Bull ^^................. Rufus the ridge-horned camel ^^

SO - these guys were a menagerie of headless figures lining my window sill. No, I don't chop off cow's heads just for fun (although it is a LITTLE fun!), I use them for jewelery. Anyway, the new heads are made from paperclay, a light weight sculpting clay that air dries.... cause really, I can't put plastic piggies in the oven for sculpey :P

For better pictues, MORE pictures, more info, and the ability to pay me money to own your very own Genetic Failure Friend, go to my etsy shop :

It's brand new and still shiny!

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