Friday, March 16, 2012

Animal Jewelry made from the heads of plastic beasts!

--- Theodore the Triceratops

Well, hello again :)

It occurred to me that anyone seeing my last post about headless animals might be wondering why they were headless (unless I addressed that, I don't remember.)

---Danielle the blue Triceratops

Well, now you know. These babies have initiated a whole avalanche of creative endeavors, most of which I will attempt to post here.... eventually!

---Danforth the Sow

Some of these pieces are for sale at a little gift shop in Toronto called "Elephant Shoes" and so are not posted on my Etsy page, but I will post any that do not sell there in the future. I just wanted to share them all here, sorry if that's a tease.....

---Haberdasher and Fido the snake twins

---Blastonfelter the Turtle

If you're curious now, though, and especially if you want to play the "trade-money-for-stuff " game with me, find me at yay!

---Shoshannah the Appaloosa

---Periwinkle the Pig

---Davenport the calf

--- Cornerhass the Rhinoceros

---Grasslands the fringed lizard

---Poseidon the Elephant

---Drake the Penguin

---Purloin the Camel

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  1. You are so creative! These are hilarious (in a good way). I love how you named them! :)