Friday, August 10, 2012

Featured Artist - Kate Morgan

Featured Artist    -    Kate Morgan, Ohio USA

Kate Morgan makes lovely, haunting mixed media prints with an elegant line, feminine flair and heavy stylization.

 See more of her work here ---

Strange Animal Artist Toys - Siberian Moose Edition

Hello again blog world! I have been very busy, don't fret!check out a couple of my bandnewest beasts from my Genetic Failure Friends Series!

This is Alik, The Siberian Moose,--- AKA The White Moose, AKA The Arctic Thin Antlered Moose, AKA The Alaskan Snoutless Moose. Whichever suits.

Alik is a vegetarian, evident from his nubby round teeth. He gnaws bark off trees and eats grass and leaves. He's a good friend to have around, even if he is slightly absent minded.

Made from the body of an antelope toy with a head sculpted with epoxy clay (Apoxie Sculpt). Painted with acrylics. About 5inches tall.

This is a Donkey-mounted apothecary and general store, owned and operated by a 9 year old boy who pulls it along by it's lead and hawks his wares. The boy climbs up on fences to reach the top drawers. The structure had been painted and worn down and repainted so many times that it's real color is hard to define.

The boy keeps anything he can fit into the cubbies in this mobile-store, any thing he thinks he can sell. Rose water, tea, poultices, herbs, bergamot oil, dried mint, witch hazel, raspberry preserves, salt, sugar, tin and horn cups, sewing needles, ribbon, buttons, carved wooden soldiers, pots of ink and anything else he thinks a customer might come to him for.

Made from a plastic Donkey toy with the structure built on top with paper clay. painted with acrylics. about 6.5 inches tall.

Meet Hubert, the only one of his kind on earth. He comes from a planet called Verdingly, a planet even more lush and green than ours.

Hubert is mostly a vegetarian, except that his right-side head requires a certain amount of animal protein, so occasionally, you may lose a small domestic pet.... like a shitsu. But otherwise completely harmless! Made from the body of a Lynx toy and three heads sculpted with epoxy clay. Painted with acrylics. about 4 inches tall.



This is Blue Beak the Terrible, who is not terrible in the least. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and tell off-color jokes.

He's an excellent party guest because he keeps everyone amused while you cook, but don't let him get drunk too early because he likes to rummage through your panty drawer when you're not looking. Or peeing.
He's a very bad host, because he'll already be drunk when you get to his house, and he'll have rummaged through his own panty drawer and come up dry, so there will be frilly bits all over the house that you want nothing to do with, but can't stop yourself from imagining him dancing around in. He's that kind of guy.

Blue Beak here is made from the plastic body of a dark red dino toy, and a head made from paperclay on wire, and painted with acrylics. About 7 inches tall.

This is Boston the Grey Anteloceros. She's a frisky lady who loves to frolic! Her flashy horn and black and white spots get her a lot of attention from the boys of her very unique species.

Made from the body of a plastic Kudu toy and a head sculpted from paperclay and a horn made with a bit of jewelry.

 All of these folks are made by me, Cari Rakai, as part of my Genetic Failure Friends Series (GFFs) with the bodies of toys and heads that I've sculpted myself. for more photos, more toys and other assorted art work from me, check me out here

They're all for sale!!! Yay, new friends!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ten "New" Animals

Hello Friends ! Here are ten new little People that I have loved, and in some cases "Lost" in the past couple of weeks. All made with either a head or body from a plastic animal toy, and the rest sculpted with paperclay, painted with acrylics.

If you want to see more of these guys, or hell, even BUY ONE :O you can check out my ETSY shop.

also, check out the Toronto Etsy Street Team (TEST) that I've just joined!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Animal Jewelry made from the heads of plastic beasts!

--- Theodore the Triceratops

Well, hello again :)

It occurred to me that anyone seeing my last post about headless animals might be wondering why they were headless (unless I addressed that, I don't remember.)

---Danielle the blue Triceratops

Well, now you know. These babies have initiated a whole avalanche of creative endeavors, most of which I will attempt to post here.... eventually!

---Danforth the Sow

Some of these pieces are for sale at a little gift shop in Toronto called "Elephant Shoes" and so are not posted on my Etsy page, but I will post any that do not sell there in the future. I just wanted to share them all here, sorry if that's a tease.....

---Haberdasher and Fido the snake twins

---Blastonfelter the Turtle

If you're curious now, though, and especially if you want to play the "trade-money-for-stuff " game with me, find me at yay!

---Shoshannah the Appaloosa

---Periwinkle the Pig

---Davenport the calf

--- Cornerhass the Rhinoceros

---Grasslands the fringed lizard

---Poseidon the Elephant

---Drake the Penguin

---Purloin the Camel

Friday, March 2, 2012

New friends!

Oh god, so many headless animals, so many options, so little time...

Pauline, the Panda-Pig-Bear ^^........... Peggy the Split-Faced Sow ^^

Preacher ^^ the Owl-Parrot-Penguin........ Bob "Big Chops" the Rhino ^^

Gus the Goose-Necked-Tiger ^^ ............Carlos the Whale-faced-cow ^^

Ah, the sweet little buggers who have occupied my time so effectively lately, I really do need to post them!

Biscuit the bubble-gum Dino ^^............... Apple the Long-necked-Pony^^

I'm calling this my "Genetic failure Friends'' Series.

"Art dolls" for all those out there who love a messed up little fellow. Ok, they're not that messed up, they're actually really frigg'n adorable, but they are not quite... regular, either. Which is the point, I suppose!

Boris the needle-nosed Bull ^^................. Rufus the ridge-horned camel ^^

SO - these guys were a menagerie of headless figures lining my window sill. No, I don't chop off cow's heads just for fun (although it is a LITTLE fun!), I use them for jewelery. Anyway, the new heads are made from paperclay, a light weight sculpting clay that air dries.... cause really, I can't put plastic piggies in the oven for sculpey :P

For better pictues, MORE pictures, more info, and the ability to pay me money to own your very own Genetic Failure Friend, go to my etsy shop :

It's brand new and still shiny!