Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Small Art from the World of Cari Rakai

 So, As it seems to be becoming a habit of mine, I'll once again bomb you with a month's worth of work. In truth, this is less than half of the work I've done in the past month or so, but I'll try to spread out the postings a bit better. No promises though.

I've been painting on regular flat surfaces again, something I got away from in 2012. I've been drawn to the small, and the simple. I'm into portraits of no-one, and I've often tried to dress that up as being about something much more philosophical that it is, but this time around I'm letting it be what it is. Funky, small, colourful paintings of girls.  Here's one you saw last post.

 If you've GOT to own this lady, I don't blame you. She's pretty haunting. buy her here -

Here's a new one. The mirrors are something I've had around and been meaning to work on for a while now, but my original ideas for them withered  before coming to fruition, and the plain mirrors got stashed away for later. This one is finished, more to come later.

I referenced Alfonse Mucha a bit with the designs for these, the Halo imagery he uses around his lovely heroines. My girls are much more 21st century than his, but the tool is still interesting.

In a similar fashion as the painting above, this mirror and a few others are available on my etsy shop. Buy this lovely blue darling here -

Here I was taken in by these wooden bowls, a set of four that just BEGGED to be painted. I stuck with the abstract, hoping they could be used as jewelry dishes for the bedroom.

 Need a fantastic little jewelry holder bowl for your home? We all do! Choose one of these four in my shop - https://www.etsy.com/listing/123093175/decorative-handpainted-wooden-bowl-with

These are a few more of those simple portraits, these ones slightly less simple, with a pet or two in each. Gotta love those affectionate goldfish.

 Find this lovely lady here -

And yet some more. I do these all in little batches as I'm sure you can tell. I try to make each one a stand alone image so it can be hung on it's own or in a group of other objects that compliment each other, but the idea of hanging them all together as a huge collection also intrigues me. We'll see where that idea goes.

 Check her out here -

Here's the love spoon. Have I shown you this already? It was finished a little while ago, but it really kicked off this pale southwestern colour scheme I'm on at the moment. I'm sure we'll all be sick of dusty coral by 2015 or so, but for now I'll revel in it.

 I made this with the idea of an anniversary gift, or wedding gift or house warming gift.
find it in my shop here -

More more more more more more. 

find this beautiful temptress here -

This is a nude woman with birds. Do I have to say much more? It's pretty self explanatory.  No, there's no real story about the birds, but you can invent one if you want. She's cool with that.


Come back again and I'll show you some more stuff. Buy anything you've seen in my shop (if you missed the million links above!)


  1. Love your work. Very well written and displayed here too. :)

  2. What a great post! You're so talented, Cari :)